Adhesives & Potting.

For the electronic industry.

In line with the increasing performance of electrical components, microchips and many other materials, interesting challenges arise for the chemical products used. Current products and developments in this area include UV-based varnishes for printed circuit boards, numerous potting materials (e.g. 2C epoxy potting in the category picture) and fillers for e.g. flip-chip connections. Thermally conductive pastes, but also thermally conductive adhesives belong to our main components of the product range.

Chemical portfolio:

  • Acrylic and epoxy-based lacquers/varnishes
  • Under-filler
  • Thermally conductive adhesives and pastes
  • Conductive and anti-static adhesives

For component protection, we offer varnishes moisture resistant and fire-retardant potting compounds (UL-tested) in class V0. The potting compounds are characterized by a low reaction-enthalpy, so that even large depths (e.g. 10 cm) can be poured. Besides epoxy resins, there are very fast UV acrylates with a dual curing mechanism; the moisture post-curing allows undercuts to cure without any problems without exposure to light. Because total polymerisation is always ensured, no residual monomers remain.