For the jewellery industry.

Crystal clear bonds.

Adhesive solutions for the jewellery industry have been part of the company’s core knowledge since the beginning – whether for crystal bonding or for bonding with metal, glass, leather, synthetics and porcelain.

Some of the products have over 20 years of excellent market experience. The product properties are designed to meet the highest quality standards – especially in terms of chemical resistance, impact strength and long-term performance. Consistently without jewel loss.

Crystal bonding.

1K/2K. Internally and externally.

In crystal bonding, special attention is paid to the compatibility of the adhesive with the mirror coating, the chemical resistance, the impact strength and the transparency. By using highly cross-linked systems, we can achieve the best possible chemical resistance with the highest transparency. With the JG product line, we offer both one-component epoxy resin adhesives and two-component epoxy resin adhesives. All adhesives are free of harmful substances and emissions (confirmed by external tests). The typical processing time is about 60 minutes to 5 hours. In addition to the usual crystal adhesives, there are also special products for e.g. outdoor applications.

An excerpt of the available products can be found in the jewellery adhesive brochure.

  • Highest transparency
  • Best possible chemical resistance
  • Uncompromising jewel bonding
  • Impact strength bonding characteristics

Special applications

Special applications, like bonding pearls or the implementation of very small jewels, are also part of our product portfolio. If you have any specific questions to this process, please contact us at any time.