Floor coatings.

For cement, screed and renovation.

Our modular floor coating system EP 6320 allows one to renovate garages or difficult floors, such as cobblestone or wooden floors. It is also very suitable for industrial applications, such as warehouses or production halls. We will be happy to help with the selection of the right solution or to carry out the coating process for you at an affordable price.

First we will explain the basic structure of an appropriate floor coating under normal conditions. If you need support for special cases like the application with quartz sand as an anti-slip coating or the application of flakes, please feel free to contact us at any time.

How to coat floors correctly

A universal guide.

According to our philosophy, floor coatings are always structured as follows:

  1. Primer
    Provides ideal adhesion to the actual layer.
  2. Elastic interlayer (optional)
    The elastic interlayer is one of our own developments for coating uneven surfaces, such as wooden floors, tiles, plaster, etc. The intermediate layer is there to compensate the movement and unevenness of suboptimal surfaces, allowing the application of the top coat, in a long-lasting and ideal manner.
  3. Top coat
    The top layer is now the actual coating. The thickness varies depending on the load and the initial conditions. The top layer can be decorated or equipped with colour flakes, quartz sand or anti-slip elements.
PrimerElastic interlayerTop coat
New floor (company rooms, warehouse, garage, cellar)XX
Wooden floorXXX
Outdoor area(cobblestone, tiles)XXX
Repair, restructuringXXX

EP 6320

The top coating.

EP 6320 is a two-component epoxy resin specially developed for floor coating. It has a very high resistance against chemicals, UV-radiation, temperature and mechanical loads. It is the only existing material of its kind without any emmisions (AgBB tested) and absolutely free of toxic substances. All of the components react completely, no accelerators like benzyl alcohol or nonylphenol are used. The coating is characterised by a high-gloss finish and available in all colours.

  • Best chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
  • Zero emission and absolutely non-toxic
  • Ideal ratio pf processing and curing time
  • Unlimited possibilities of individualisation and adaption

Special effects and properties like pigments, anti-slip surfaces or antibacterial treatment are also possible. It represents an ideal basis for industrial company rooms, warehouses, cellars, garages, hobby rooms and much more.

The curing mechanism was developed to enable the combination of a long pot life and a short curing time. The low carbamate formation – i.e. the low sensitivity to moisture – makes the application a little easier.