Performance Adhesives.

For the manufacturing of loudspeakers.

AP is a significant adhesive producer for the loudspeaker industry with a very high market share – especially for the automotive speaker production.  Our customers are major loudspeaker companies like PSS, Harman, Dynaudio or ASK for now more than 20 years. We have a lot of experience in the market section of loudspeaker gluing joints. In order to meet up the changing demands of our customers, we offer high flexibility and a high degree of application customization to meet your expectations for the assembly line. We are very concerned about the declaration and physiology of our raw materials in order to provide completely non-toxic products with a high user comfort. On the inside pages we give you an overview of the common gluing solutions for every gluing joint inside the loudspeaker.

We divided the gluing joint applications in three main sections:




The gluing joint between magnet and pole plate is one of our supreme disciplines. We offer the industry standard 3-component system ND 2010/2800 and now also a new 2-component system ND 7744, which is able to subsequent to the same performance as ND 2010/2800. Application for this gluing joint is usually done by beat on beat method, but it can also be done by static mixing (e.g. in a cartridge), if the mixture time is adjusted high enough.

A summary of the adhesives technical data can be found in the loudspeaker brochure.


We supply adhesives for the main three gluing joints deriving from the basket:

  • Basket – spider
  • Basket – surround spider
  • Basket – pole plate

The basket – pole plate gluing joint is very di cult due to the different thermal expansions of the plastic basket and the metal. Our product MA 7429 offers are wide range of performance properties in order to achieve a strong and long-lasting bond. This adhesive can also be used for other basket gluing joints, but we also have a wide range of different adhesives depending on the process specification of the customer.

For example:

  • Odourless solution (MMA-free): MA 7761 (inside page 3)
  • PE/PP plastics solution: MA 8910 (brochure)

Voice coil

Voice coil adhesives cover two gluing joints:

  • Voice coil – membrane cone
  • Voice coil – spider

For the application of voice coil gluing we are not restricted to a certain chemistry. We offer a variety of polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylics, which will do the job
completely. We selected three standard products,
which are frequently used in such applications. We offer a special adhesive for applications including PP or PE – it is
called MA 8910. We included the gluing joint cone – dust cap in this category as the used adhesives are similar.