Automotive industry.

Adhesives. For automotives.

Adhesives for the automotive industry have been present at all times since the company was founded. Our products connect structural elements, vehicle electronics, cameras and interior trim. This history has also resulted in a number of manufacturer and OEM approvals, including BMW and Mercedes Benz. In the following, our top applications – headlight and interior bonding – are presented in more detail.

Adhesive bonds in vehicle interiors usually require well-balanced product properties to these parameters: Chemical resistance, flexibility, (tensile) strength and above all durability. Especially the extreme temperature fluctuations, service loads and vibrations are very challenging. 

  • Ideal ratio of stability and impact strength
  • adaptable down to the last detail
  • Extremely low emissions (tested)
  • Impact resistant bonding properties

The chemicals available are polyurethanes, epoxy resins and (UV) acrylates or dispersion adhesives. Process automation is extremely important in the automotive sector; therefore, we provide process-oriented products that can be easily integrated into the production and dosing systems. Especially the viscosity, speed and elasticity of our products can be modified individually if required.

Bonding in the headlamp

Crystal clear & durable.

Adhesives in headlights are subject to very strict emission, mechanical and temperature change requirements. Our adhesives are approved by e.g. BMW and Mercedes and have extremely low emission levels (tested), so that fogging is impossible. The ideal impact strength is ensured by special simulating tests (e.g. shaker tests) – the adhesive must be able to combine high strength with proper force transmission and flexibility. Depending on the process, we use UV adhesives, epoxy resins or polyurethanes.

Interior adhesives

Adhesive bonding for interior elements is a common and often customer-specific application. Over the years, we have had positive experiences with materials ranging from leather, plastic or glass to decorative elements. Besides the product development, due to our expertise we are also happy to support customers with the bonding process.