For bonding glass.

Crystal clear performance acrylates.

AP has decades of experience in the structural and decorative bonding of glass. The products are characterised by excellent adhesion and, above all, excellent moisture resistance. All products meet the highest optical demands and are absolutely non-yellowing.

A selection of our standard products, such as UV 600, which is also used for the trophy, can be found in our glass adhesive brochure.

UV Acrylates

For translucent glass.

We offer a wide range of UV glass adhesives for all types of joints – whether capillary application, glass/glass or glass/metal joints. Typical applications are (table) furniture, showcases, figures or sanitary uses. The adhesion to leather, ceramics, plastics, metal, crystals and many other materials is extremely strong. The products are characterised by highest transparency and uncompromising adhesion. With UV 600, UV 1137, KG 126 and UV Top 800 you will find a very good range of glass adhesives, capillary adhesives and lacquers/sealants.

We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of adhesive, the process and all other questions relating to your application.

  • Stable to humidity and climatic changes
  • Non-UV-yellowing and highly transparent
  • No harmful substances/emissions (tested)
  • Individual adjustment of curing time and viscosity

2C Acrylics

For coloured glass or opaque media.

Our anaerobic 2C acrylic adhesives are particularly suitable for bonding colored glass or metals. No static mixing of the components is required. Our brochure shows the standard CM 380 system both as an A/B system and as an A/activator variant. In addition, we offer you a wide range of other adhesive solutions, such as variants with a dual curing mechanism.