Construction industry adhesives.

For ceramic substrate.

In addition to a variety of other adhesives and castings for the construction industry, we offer adhesive solutions for material ceramics, i.e. roof tiles. In the following you will find our main adhesives used for ceramic/ceramic (roof tiles) and ceramic / plastics.

Application: ceramic/ceramic (in this case: roof tiles)

EP 6905 – TH AB

Two-component epoxy resin adhesive

EP 6905 – TH AB is an epoxy resin adhesive with fast curing and paste like or rather non descending characteristics. The development of the product is a result of the tile-processing industry and has special product authorisations in this field. The adhesive can be adapted individually to any colour (also in small series).

Main product benefits:

  • No harmful substances like phenol or nonyl phenol
  • No pollutant substances like benzyl alcohol
  • Biological-based hardener
  • No leaching
  • Very good moisture- and temperature resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  • No hazardous material
Mixing ratio (volume)2:1
Open time15 – 20 min
Dry surface after60 min
Scratch-resistant after3 h
Thermal softening93 °C
Elongation at break
(-40 °C, 23 °C, 100 °C)
1,97 %, 3,66 %, 4,70%
Water absorption at 85°C1,73%

Application: ceramic/plastics (in this case: roof tiles)

SMA 780-1000 A/B

Two-component silane modified acrylate

SMA 780-1000 A/B has a very good flexibility, adhesion and is very fast compared to other silane modified acrylates. Therefore, it is ideal for plastics/ceramic gluing joints. (Our material recommended pretreatment: cleaning with ethanol and flame treatment)

Main product benefits:

  • No harmful substances
  • Entirely environmentally friendly, contains no tin
  • Adhesion on almost every substrate ( if necessary: with pre-treatment)
  • Can be smoothed immediately
  • Very high elasticity – even at minus temperatures


Hardening process:
Gel times30 min
Can be smoothed afterinstantly – 20 min
Can be packed after> 3 h
Hardened after> 24 h