AP Floor coatings.

Production and execution from one source.

As a manufacturer of floor coatings, we know exactly what is needed to create a long-lasting coating for a wide variety of substrates. As we produce all materials ourselves, you have access to every colour, technique and know-how at a favourable price.

We offer you to carry out the coating process of floors on an epoxy resin basis for you. We have gained a lot of experience over the last 10 years which enables us to make the right decisions for your application. Since we manufacture our products ourselves, we have an enormous variety of design options. From the colour to decorative elements such as colour flakes – everything can be chosen easily and quickly. You will benefit from fast execution, many years of expertise and competitive prices.

  • Emission-free and completely non-toxic
  • Best chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
  • Seamless & easy to clean
  • Smooth or non-slip is possible
  • Compatible with any substrate due to our 3-layer system
  • Customisable Design
  • Ideal ratio of processing and curing time

Industrial solutions

For warehouses, production halls, underground garages, etc.

Heavily used surfaces, such as in underground garages, warehouses or production halls, are perfect for an epoxy resin floor coating. Due to the jointless construction, they are very easy to clean and have an excellent chemical resistance. The easy cleaning with high chemical resistance is very advantageous, especially in the health sector (hospitals, pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, canteen kitchens and e.g. laboratories).

For these applications, there is also the possibility of integrating antimicrobial silver compounds into the epoxy mass.
By integrating quartz sand, the smooth surface can be easily transformed into an absolutely slip-resistant surface. This is especially beneficial in underground garages, roads or on external staircases. There are no limits to appearance and design. If you have any special ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solutions for home

Wether garage, interior or exterior.

We gladly advise you on all interior applications. The floor coverings can be used both indoors and outdoors. Especially in the garage or basement, they protect the concrete from moisture. It is not affected by abrasion or scratches and is very easy to clean. In addition, the chemically robust surface is resistant against oil or other liquids.

For indoor use, the design possibilities and the physiology are especially interesting. The material is completely non-toxic and emission-free, making it ideal for the use in living rooms or kitchens. It is easy to combine several colours or to work with pigments and colour flakes.

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