The World of Ceralun.

Design element and colour glue.

Ceralun is an epoxy clay that can be set with crystal stones or other materials. Cerlaun ensures an uncompromising fixation of the stones but also creates a unique overall look and functions as a design element. We provide over a 100 brilliant colours with different effects, so there are no limits to design ideas. Our brochure clearly shows you all the advantages and possibilities of the material.


Ceralun is an absolutely clean material without any toxic or allergic ingredients. A credo of the development was, to create a material that reacts completely. Ceralun is as hard as a stone on the surface, whereas it has a damping character on the inside. It is easy to process and possible to form very precise, because of the beneficial flow properties and the extremely low shrinkage.

We divided Ceralun in two segments of application:
• Used to embed stones
• Design element

Used to embed stones

Functional individual.

Ceralun was developed to embed stones in the first place. It has a lot of advantages in terms of protecting the stone and application.

  • Ceralun compensates tolerances between metal-/plastic part and the stone/crystal
  • Strong protection for the foil of the stone/crystal (absorbs shocks completely and resistant against chemicals in the surrounding of jewellery (perfume, creams, hair spray, etc.)
  • Great adhesion to mirrored and non-mirrored stones

Design element

Modern and versatile.

Because of its optic possibilities, Ceralun is also often used as a design element. It is possible to create all surfaces from rough to extreme high gloss.
You are able to create every surface – also 3D surfaces – by using a silicon mould or silicon stamp.

We invite you with pleasure to take a look at our effect-colours in the product portfolio to discover, for instance, our non-corrosive metal colours: gold, antique gold, platinum, silver and bronze.